DaSheng Technology Co.Ltd. (DaSheng Technology) was established on June 2016, by Guangzhou Automobile Group as the main shareholder, registered capital two hundred million RMB. Automobile Internet ecological platform—Dasheng Auto Service is the company’s main business platform. The company has been adopted mixed ownership since established, upholding the idea of building an open platform, specifically in the capital, platforms, products, brands, talents and many aspects.

Dasheng Auto Service is officially launched on Nov.19th,2016., the famous performing artist, Liuxiao Lingtong joined as the Chief Cultural Ambassador of Dasheng Auto Service. The company is committed to build a complete automobile Internet Ecosystem, currently covering services including new car sales, accessories sales , maintenance, finance, media and other fields. Dasheng Auto Service is customer-centered, while orienting towards a full life-cycle of auto consumption, providing worry-saving、money-saving auto services to everyone.