Shanghai EZParking Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a parking data provider and a top parking service provider as well in China. Since its establishment in 2009, Shanghai EZParking has owned the biggest parking data bank of China, covering the major cities in the country. Each data is generated after repeated verification and algorithm processing. These data are commercialized and served to map providers, mobile phone and car manufacturers, such as AutoNavi, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and other world famous enterprises. It is worth mentioning that there are currently worldwide only three companies, who provide commercial parking data, and Shanghai EZParking is one of them.

Based on the data, Shanghai EZParking puts the parking service into the car's infotainment system, making the car the leading actor of parking, providing the car owners a complete parking solution without APP. The product for car infotainment system EZP2Car from Shanghai EZParking has already entered the market for the pre-installed software, and Shanghai EZParking has become one of Tier 1 suppliers of internationally renowned car manufacturers now.