Vcyber technology Co., Ltd. (Vcyber/Vcyber Intelligence), has been dedicated in the field of technology and established in 2008, has been dedicated in the field of technology and operation innovation in telematics. Through years of devoting practice, Vcyber intelligence, positioning as automotive integrated service provider, is committed to providing user-oriented telematics service operation to OEMs based on in-vehicle HMI system development and big data analysis technology. Vcyber Intelligence started with and also prefects in Chinese language speech recognition technology, focusing on vertical business chain of automobile industry, possesses unique advantages in areas of language processing, in-vehicle noise reduction etc. which have been applied to varies of car models for SAIC-GM, In addition, Vcyber has become the provider for OEMs at present in China that include SAIC-GM, SAIC-VW, FAW-MAZDA, FAW-Toyota, Besturn, Beijing Hyundai and Beijing Benz, covering customers range of over 5 million car owners. Currently, with approximately 800 employees, Vcyber owns branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Dalian, Changchun, Singapore and other places.