CUSC,as China Unicom's professional subsidiaries engaging in comprehensive automotive information services. It has undertaken all the qualifications and business related to Unicom, which is also one of the important measures that China Unicom utilized to transfer to the operation services as well as to integrate communication and vertical industry.

CUSC has been focusing on platform construction and application, specialized integrated information solutions, call centers, online Store, and other fields, thereby providing advanced solutions for the construction of urban intelligent transportation, and to offer well-developed, integrated, and differentiated products as well as services for automobile manufacturing, automotive service industry, customers, as well as the vast number of car owners. Till today, CUSC has provided services to 58 automobile manufacturers, with more than 9 million intelligent connected vehicles.

CUSC is equipped with the strongest domestic platform of professional vehicle network communication and service management, which is based on cloud service and large data. And in the field of automatic driving, V2X and 5G, it has entered on-site verification stage, which laid a solid technical foundation for the in-depth development of the Intelligent connected vehicles in the future.