Verizon, as a well-known American telecommunication company and an industrial leadership in the world, is committed to the business diversification. In 2017, Verizon completed the acquisitions of Yahoo and a drone management company – Skyward, to enhance the corporate competencies in Online Content Supply and Internet of Things. Moreover, Verizon acquired Telogis and Fleetmatics and integrated these two businesses into Verizon Telematics Inc. in 2016. These two companies focused on a built-in and after-market telematics service for enterprise customer respectively, which helps Verizon build up a comprehensive eco-system. Ultimately, Verizon will be able to achieve the goal of automatic drive, by utilizing the advantages and teleology of a communication company to provide network, creating platforms for Telematics and Internet of Things, and using big data analysis to manage the whole eco-system’s operations.

Verizon Telematics owns full solutions and products for all kinds of telematics business, and devotes to studying and expanding telematics services of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles, as well as investing in Internet of Things business. So far, Verizon Telematics has accumulated a great number of clients and successful business cases worldwide including Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, GM, Ford, Volvo, Nissan, Mack, HINO etc., and also has provided the advanced fleet management platforms for global passenger and commercial vehicle brands.

Verizon Telematics China is a subsidiary of Verizon Telematics in China. Verizon Telematics China has offices in Beijing and Wuhan. We have adhered to the localization strategy, and also established comprehensive team including product, R&D, operation and business. In 2018, we are keeping reinforce the telematics business and planning to introduce the commercial vehicle management platform in China, which will broaden and strengthen our business scope and competency.

Verizon Telematics (China) Co., Ltd.
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