At NNG, we strive to provide the best in-car experience for the connected and autonomous world. We are the leading Tier 2 software provider of the global automotive industry for Navigation, Professional Services, and Cybersecurity.

7 out of the top 10 carmakers in the world use our software. With over 30 million units shipped through over 30 car brands from low-end to high-end cars. Even the flagship models of the most famous sports car makers use NNG’s software solutions. We connect deeply integrated in-dash navigation with cloud services and the driver’s smartphone for a more intelligent and personalized navigation experience.

As an independent company, we aggregate more content than any competitor. We are the only company who can provide truly global solutions even for the most complex markets, such as China, Japan, and Korea.

Our market knowledge made us realize that cybersecurity plays an inevitable role in the future of transportation. The customized and integrated Arilou cybersecurity solution detects and prevents attacks by hackers from a single point in the vehicle network. Our dedicated team of Cyber experts constantly develops new technologies to make your cars secured and your passengers safe.

In recent years NNG has expanded to support OEMs and Tier suppliers in developing next-generation in-vehicle applications. We enable them to see the whole path to production. NNG’s global Professional Services team can conceptualize advanced engineering cases, proof of concepts, and take them through production. With NNG our partners go to market more efficiently and stay ahead of market trends.

NNG – Your global partner for the journeys that matter.