Founded in 1991, TomTom is a leading multinational enterprise which has a head-quarter in Amsterdam, and we have more than 4,600 employees in 58 offices over 36 countries.

We have four customer facing business units: Consumer, Telematics, Automotive and Licensing. With over 25 years’ experience of map making, TomTom provides more than 150 countries and territories with the most scalable digital map data and navigation services in the world, and covers 4 billion population and over 49 million kilometres road.

TomTom delivers autonomous driving map with highly accurate lane-level information (land markings, drivable surface borders, road boundaries) and rich attribution (speed restrictions, lane centerlines, lane widths), and is able to achieve sub meter absolute and decimeter level relative. Our RoadDNA is scalable and compact, which could be resilient towards changes in reality or map version, and only needs low storage and low processing. Moreover, our HD map has covered over 360,000 km across US and Western Europe motorways.