Shanghai is the miniature of modern China. As one of the largest economic centers of China, Shanghai is now striding towards the goal of becoming an international metropolis.

Shanghai now vigorously advocates the city tourism with “city scenery”, “city culture” and “city commerce” as the main themes and has gradually formed three important tour circles, namely, city sightseeing/ business/shopping tour circle with the People’s Square and the two sides of Huangpu River as its center; round-the-city culture tour circle with public recreation center and community as the main sites; and suburb rest and recreation tour circle with Sheshan Hill, Dianshan Lake, Deep-water Harbor and Chongming Island as the main tourist spots.

Shanghai’s architectures have distinctive features. Different architecture styles, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, all converge in Shanghai, including the Bund buildings, Shikumen houses, various foreign-style architectures, and modern facilities.

Besides, Shanghai has long been acclaimed as “Paradise for Shopping” and “Oriental Paris”. Nanjing Road, the No.1 business street of China, is a tour must for every traveler. Huaihai Road, a business street featuring high-brow cultures, attracts many fashion-seekers. The popular North Sichuan Road specially caters to ordinary wage-earners. The modern Xujiahui Commercial Centre, Yuyuan Garden Bazaar and Shanghai Kerry Everbright City near the entrance of Shanghai Railway Station are all shopping centers of Shanghai. There are also many other distinctive streets that are worth visiting, such as Fuzou Road (featuring many bookstores), Duolun Road (Cultural Celebrities' Street), Yandang Road, Wujiang Road (featuring various delicious food), etc. One may also visit several famous century-old shops, such as Jingdu (literally, Capital) Darentang Pharmacy, which produces and sells pills of Chinese traditional medicine, Wangxingji Fans Store, which produces and sells all kinds of fans, and Hengdali Clock and Watch Store, which is specialized in top grade clocks and watches.