Jasper and Telular plan joint commercial telematics and security New! 2016.03.16
Accenture builds Project Tango augmented reality for Fiat Chrysler New! 2016.03.16
AT&T announces Connected Car deals with multiple German carmakers New! 2016.03.16
Geely agreement with Ericsson for Connected Vehicle Cloud New! 2016.03.16
MWC: LG and Intel plan 5G-based vehicle telematics New! 2016.03.16
MWC: Geely will use Sierra/Valeo unit for ERA-GLONASS eCall in Russia 2016.03.16
Vodafone uses Affirmed Networks for Connected Car services 2016.03.09
Parkeon selected Sierra Wireless for smart parking solutions 2016.03.09
MWC: Visa and Honda extend secure payments to carmakers 2016.03.09
MWC: Harman adds new service providers to car platform 2016.03.09
MWC: RealVNC announces Skoda Wireless MirrorLink prototype 2016.03.09
MWC: Volvo offers no-key option from 2017 2016.03.09
MWC: Samsung launches Connect Auto dongle ecosystem 2016.03.09
Verizon adds new family tracking services to Hum OBD telematics 2016.03.09
u-blox releases automotive 3D dead reckoning 2016.03.09
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