Where Shall Telematics Go During Vehicle Giants Transition to Mobility and Internet Giants Battle with AI?
Issue Date: 2017-10-26

- 2017 Telematics@China is Coming to Shanghai

In early December 2016, nearly 500 representatives from global vehicle OEMs gathered with a total of 1,500 persons from Internet giants and Telematics stakeholders for a three-day intense collision and discussion in Shanghai. The Telematics@China hosted by the China Society of Automotive Engineers, has become the world's largest automotive + Internet event. The 10th Telematics@China themed "Mobility driven by AI" will refresh the record of the past decade once again during December 6-8, 2017, becoming the largest Telematics cross-over innovation event ever before.

The Telematics@China has been successfully held for 10 years till this year. Over the past decade, Telematics@China has witnessed the formation, integration and innovation of Telematics in China. There were more than 100 global top guest speakers and more than a thousand senior industry elites gathering together to create jointly the dream of Telematics in China.

To the year 2017, vehicle + Internet cross-over innovation has been formed more rapidly in China. Following SAIC-Ali cooperation making the world's first Internet vehicle Roewe RX5 into the new car salesking last year, NIO, CHJ, Singulato, Xiaopeng, FMC, WM Motor, AIWAYS and other Internet vehicle-making projects and new energy vehicle projects will followup rapidly to achieve mass production; Tencent and Guangzhou Automobile will promote mobile travel and new energy vehicles via corporation at the capital level; Baidu All in AI launched Apollo program; Banma AliOS has begun to concentrate on travel scene experience promotion driven by AI, rather than navigation; CHJ cooperated with Clem, a time-sharing leasing company in France, for Telematics sharing moving; ... ... The cross-over innovation of Telematics in China is moving to the future with unprecedented footsteps: Mobility driven by AI.


Meanwhile, the traditional OEM also accelerate cross-over cooperation: Continental AG cooperated with China Unicom Smart Connection to set up a joint venture, focusing on automotive applications, data services and smart connection vehicle hardware and software integration program; Volkswagen and AI company "Mobvoi” set up jointly a joint venture;  BMW, Delphi and Intel acquired Mobileye develop together automatic driving; Daimler not only merged Car2go and Car2Share in China, but also launched online taxing service with Via in Europe; Fioro set up the first AI and in-depth learning research center; Bosch, Continental AG, Germany ZF has announced strategic cooperation with Baidu ... ... It may be expected that, in the next decade, new energy conversion technique, automatization, network with 5G trend will cause a huge change in vehicle travel mode, Telematics services experience and of vehicle interactive driving forms, and the centennial  automotive industry is facing an unprecedented great change.


Therefore, the 10th Telematics@China 2017 will ignited the enthusiasm of the China Telematics via Mobility and AI once again. It is reported that the 16 booths in the exhibition area have been sold out by Corning, NNG, SIMCom, Texas Instruments, Morgina Inc, Gemalto, u-blox, TomTom, EZParking, Abalta, Quectel, INGEEK Security, Desay SV and other major manufacturers immediately in two days. The Telematics@China this year continues to receive full support from its diamond sponsors: Banma Network; platinum sponsor: China Unicom Smart Connection; gold sponsor: Verizon, Corning, Continental; silver sponsor: Gemalto, ECAR Telematics; crystal sponsor: Adups, Texas Instruments, GMobi; academic partners: IPSOS, SBD, as well as its major media partners. It is reported that, as of press time, more than 300 vehicle OEMs has enrolled for this Telematics@China.


TCC has witnessed the entire historical changes of China Telematics. Some comes with whistling and fleets like a meteor-like and some is brilliant like sparkling stars. It is time to review the decade of China Telematics. With great waves sweeping away sand, only those who may survive will be the king! Let’s meet in this December at the 10th Telematics@China in Shanghai! Hopefully, we can help each other and join hands in the next decade for creating a broader world of Telematics!


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