The Story of Telematics in West and East: Twenty Years of West Telematics and Eight-year Struggle Period of China
Issue Date: 2016-09-20
Since Onstar started in North America, west Telematics has gone through over two decades, and meanwhile, since Toyota Gbook launched in China, China’s Auto OEM Telematics has also struggled for eight years. Although Japanese and Korea started earlier, the center for driving force of innovation of eastern telematics has obviously been transferred to China over the past year.
In 2016, Chinese telematics has accelerated cross-border innovation. In addition to traditional players, BAT (Baidu, Ali and Tencent) have been deeply involved in the tide of the idea of Internet Car Making, and emerging powers such as Tesla, NEXTEV, LeMall, Future Mobility, Qidian (ZhiChe Auto), Chehejia, Xiaopeng, Weltmeister, GREE, YOUXIA, Yunfeng Group, have become the focus under the spotlighting the field of new energy vehicles. If we look from the perspective of car plus Internet, China has made dramatic changes not only in the car-making field, but also in car-buying, car-using, car-maintaining and car-changing fields: PingAn Group entered Autohome, Didi combined with Uber, Ant Group set up a service platform for car-owners, and etc. Although many enterprises have fallen down in the period of capital-winter, the cross-border innovation power for actively seeking breakthrough in the field of car plus Internet is still thriving.
In 2016, traditional car enterprises have suddenly accelerated its cross-border pace. The global strategic layout of International brands is in full swing, which promotes their domestic joint-venture enterprises to accelerate their pace. The Telematics has gone through twenty years, but its connotation of car plus internet has been richer after entering the Internet of Things: landing attempt of promoting car-sharing program in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai by PSA and UBER’s cross border cooperation, wisdom parking program tested in Shanghai by Ford, Dingding Parking and Car Key, Baidu MyCar vehicle private cloud application developed by Chang’an and Baidu cooperatively, and TBOX invested by Baidu. Looking from a series of car plus Internet offline activities in this year planned by TCC ecosystem, Telematics@China Tour has received more and more enthusiastic car enterprise participants from the 43rd station to the 48th station nationwide.
The series of offline activities of Telematics@China Tour has been a barometer of China's Auto OEM Telematics development, with an average of 79 participants per station from 2010 to 2014, including a number of 30 participants of Auto OEM. However, since 2016, the average participants per station reached 70 and even more. In September, 2016, in the 48th station, the number of participants is more than 100 two weeks before the activity. TCC ecosystem, an automobile Internet cross-border platform, deeply feels the most cutting-edge vibrant pulse of this industry. It is filled with energetic self-confidence as well as anxiety, but more of it is the ever eager to embrace cross-border cooperation and innovation.
From offline to online and then to the whole website, from local computing to cloud computing and then to cloud integration, from the Internet to the mobile Internet and then to the Internet of Things, century–old automobile industry is facing an unprecedented change and quickly racing to the future. Cross-border elites in cars and mobile Internet are launching a new round of strategic exploration on the finality of automobile industry, and they will work together to carve out the future pattern of the automobile industry. In this global process of great change, China has become the biggest variable. On December 7th-9th 2016, the world's biggest telematics professional forum-- the9th Telematics@China Conference will be held in Shanghai, China, where the world’s largest variable in the automotive industry layout is located, with the theme of "Cars Plus Mobile Internet: Cross-border Speculation on the Finality of Automobile Industry".