China: Shanghai OnStar adds Xiao O voice recognition
Issue Date: 2016-05-06

Shanghai OnStar has introduced Xiao O, its new mobile app function that makes OnStar the first onboard telematics service in China to support natural voice recognition. OnStar users can ask about a destination, weather and more as if talking to a friend, freeing them from having to manually input their request.

After opening the OnStar mobile app, users may conveniently switch the Service Package Experience display to Xiao O and click an icon to take advantage of the service. They may also access the function by clicking on Image Switching on the mobile app homepage. Users can then talk to Xiao O.

For example, they can tell Xiao O to send their destination to their vehicle. When checking the weather, users can simply ask, "How is the weather today?" Xiao O will give them a fast and accurate response. They can do the same for making other queries and using OnStar's remote services.

Personal information, including the user's license plate and engine number, can also be obtained through Xiao O in a safe and secure manner. Xiao O even allows users to provide feedback on OnStar services.

The Shanghai OnStar mobile app has received eight patents, has almost 800,000 registered users and has recorded approximately 90 million service interactions. It has become one of the company's most powerful service platforms. The launch of Xiao O is part of Shanghai OnStar's focus on providing more convenient and humanized services to connect owners with their vehicles.