Volkswagen Glaeserne Maufaktur electric mobility and digitalisation
Issue Date: 2016-04-29

After closing for 10 days to carry out the necessary modifications, the Transparent Factory (Die Gläserne Manufaktur) in Dresden, Germany, has opened its doors today as a new showcase for the Volkswagen brand, focussed on electric mobility and digitalisation. Around 50 interactive exhibits and vehicles allow visitors to experience future mobility first-hand in a fun and informative environment. The highlight for visitors is a half-hour test drive with electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The test drive is included in the ticket price for the Transparent Factory and, if pre-booked, is also offered on Sundays.

The opening ceremony was attended not only by the management of Volkswagen Sachsen and the Works Council, but also included such public figures as Martin Dulig, deputy prime minister of Saxony and Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport, and Dresden's mayor, Dirk Hilbert.

"The new showcase for electric mobility and digitalisation tells the story of the automobile from its very beginnings right through to the future, an exciting adventure for the whole family", commented Professor Siegfried Fiebig, management spokesman for Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH. "Our exhibition offers hands-on experiences with innovative future technologies which focus on benefits for the customer".

Minister Martin Dulig emphasised that "the Transparent Factory is not only an important employer, but also a magnet for visitors. We are therefore delighted that the Factory has a future. We are convinced that it will soon be producing highly modern vehicles once again; vehicles which are future-oriented, electric and digital. Saxony's innovative suppliers have remained completely loyal to Volkswagen, whether with alternative drives, lightweight designs, energy-saving technologies or automatic driving functions. If Volkswagen is prospering in Saxony, the automobile industry is also prospering in Saxony".

The Volkswagen exhibition has been split into four different areas to illustrate the future of driving. In addition to a test drive, visitors can take a virtual drive through Dresden in the GTE simulator and experience the ultimate in electric driving pleasure. A further exhibit is the glass frame model of the e-Golf, which allows a detailed look into the propulsion components of electric vehicles on a 1:1 scale.

Driver assist

The second area displays the latest Volkswagen driver assist systems, which make driving simpler and safer. Settled in ergoActive seats, visitors can listen to an audio show on how the vehicle provides assistance in certain driving situations, and learn about the advantages of aids such as lane assist systems and blind spot sensors.

Digital networks and smartphones

The possibilities offered by digital networks and smartphones are presented as a third topic, beginning with connection technologies such as Car-Net and e-Remote and finishing with the integration of smartphone functions via App-Connect (Apple CarPlay, Mirror Link, Android Auto). A fourth area presents future mobility. In addition to the XL1 one-litre car and the cult Volkswagen bus, there is also the Last Mile Surfer, a possible solution for city mobility manufactured in Saxony.