Geneva: TomTom announces deals with Fiat, Toyota and VW
Issue Date: 2016-03-16

In addition to the new PSA DS Connected Nav system, TomTom announced at Geneva Motor Show deals with Fiat, Toyota and Volkswagen and new map NavKit update technology.


TomTom announced that the all new Fiat Tipo CinquePorte and Station Wagon, and the new Fiat 500S, presented in world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, are available with a new version of TomTom's state of the art connected navigation in FCA's all new Uconnect 7" HD Nav and Uconnect™ 7"HD Nav LIVE systems. These systems will be rolled out in Europe and other markets during this year.

Available via a new 7" HD touch screen interface that now supports multi-touch gestures and including 3D buildings* in the map, this new system combines all of TomTom Automotive software products: high quality digital maps, TomTom's state of the art navigation software "NavKit", as well as TomTom's suite of connected services, including TomTom Speed Cams, Local Search, Weather, and its award-winning TomTom Traffic service.

VW Up!

TomTom says the new Volkswagen Up! will feature TomTom navigation starting from June 2016. Drivers will access TomTom's easy-to-use navigation via a smartphone App (developed by a third-party app developer) dedicated to the Volkswagen Up! experience. The user's smartphone is then secured on the driver's dashboard with a dock, keeping the device in plain sight and easily accessible.

The App features TomTom's state of the art automotive navigation components – its navigation software "NavKit" combined with its automotive-grade digital maps. To take the navigation experience even further, Volkswagen will let drivers choose whether they want to receive further map updates and TomTom's award-winning traffic service. This once again demonstrates TomTom's expertise in bringing together the worlds of Automotive and Consumer Electronics.

"We are delighted that Volkswagen has selected TomTom navigation" says Antoine Saucier, Managing Director TomTom Automotive. "Up! drivers will be able to enjoy the quality of guidance of TomTom Navkit, providing some of the fastest routes with extremely accurate estimated times of arrival, and the precision of TomTom digital maps, combined with the convenience of using their smartphone".


TomTom also said it has strengthened its cooperation with Toyota Europe. Starting with the extension of Traffic and Local search to 3 years for the Toyota Europe vehicle range* at no additional cost.

Furthermore, Toyota Proace, a light commercial vehicle developed in partnership with PSA Peugeot Citroen, will receive a new infotainment system featuring a bundle of several TomTom products, including 6 services** which will be available for up to 10 years. Toyota Proace drivers will be able to enjoy a fantastic navigation experience thanks to TomTom's automotive-grade quality digital maps and award-winning navigation software "Navkit", as well as TomTom Traffic. As a result, drivers will be able to work more efficiently, saving time and money on their daily drives, without having to worry about annual subscriptions.

This announcement further deepens the existing partnership between the two companies, already extended for the new Toyota Touch 2 with Go with TomTom Traffic and Local Search services. Building on the success of this relationship, Toyota has now increased the period for these services from 1 year to 3 years.

Services delivered to ProAce include:

TomTom Traffic – description below

TomTom Local Search: locates places around the user and navigates directly there

TomTom Speed Cams: providing timely alerts on fixed and mobile traffic cameras

Weather: always knows the weather ahead and helps make the drive safer

Parking: provides real-time information on space availability at nearby parking buildings

Fuel: up to date fuel prices at nearby gas stations


TomTom also announced a crucial milestone in delivering up-to-date, personalized maps to car drivers, wherever they are. NavKit, TomTom's leading navigation software, now uses Real-Time Maps, seamlessly receiving incremental map updates and additional geographies.

With this successful migration of TomTom NavKit to Navigation Data Standard (NDS) maps, following the recent launch of the world's first transactional mapmaking platform, TomTom is making it even easier for car makers to update and deliver, also over the air, the freshest TomTom maps and navigation software to drivers around the world.

The use of the standard also provides car makers flexibility to choose map suppliers, configurability of geo-coverage to optimize storage usage, upgradability towards future map features, while maintaining automotive-grade quality.