Verizon adds new family tracking services to Hum OBD telematics
Issue Date: 2016-03-09

Hum by Verizon, a technology designed to make cars smarter and safer, has unveiled an enhanced version. Beginning later this month, families and their loved ones can benefit from new location-based features derived from geofencing technology, keeping them connected wherever the road may take them.

Imagine the new teenage driver taking himself to school for the first time in the middle of winter. You're wondering if he got there safely or had any issues on the way. With new features that include real-time monitoring of vehicle location, speed and activity, hum adds a layer of comfort, security and independence.

Available for download on the Apple and Google Play marketplaces, new enhancements will include:

· Boundary alerts: allowing subscribers to establish boundaries for their vehicle and receive a notification when the vehicle enters or exits the area. Subscribers can set multiple boundary areas tied to specific days and times.

· Speed alerts: the ability to select a maximum speed limit and receive alerts when the vehicle exceeds that limit. The account owner can also choose to have alerts sent to multiple family members and be notified via app, text or email.

· Vehicle location: map-based tracking of the vehicle's location, speed and travel direction, allowing subscribers to view the past five requested locations.

· Driving history: key trip-based driving information to track driving efficiency, including duration, start and end times, idle times and max/avg. speeds. The driving history can be accessed by day, week month or year.

First announced in August, hum provides subscribers with an easy, self-installed solution to help predict potential issues, prevent breakdowns and offer protection when problems do arise. At the simple press of a button, drivers receive diagnostic information, pinpoint roadside assistance and live consultation with ASE-certified mechanics and emergency personnel on-demand. It also provides:

· Maintenance reminders

· Parking assistance

· Incident alerts and emergency assistance

· Stolen vehicle location assistance