BMW adds DriveNow car sharing to Moovit mobility app
Issue Date: 2016-02-24

BMW is partnering with mobile application Moovit to bring its ride-sharing service to a larger audience.

The DriveNow app launched in London in late December 2014 but has since expanded to Stockholm and Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as a number of cities in Germany, BMW's home country. Partnering with another app will expand BMW's reach and emphasize its environmental awareness to like-minded consumers.

"DriveNow's on-demand car sharing service was always designed to provide city dwellers with another flexible way of getting around, sitting alongside things like public transport, taxis and Boris Bikes rather than replacing them," said Joseph Seal Driver, director of DriveNow UK. "By partnering with Moovit and integrating DriveNow's fleet of 290 cars into the app, we're now helping people to compare every transport option in London at the click of the button."

As the effects of climate change make themselves visible and scientists warn of future damages, the socially minded consumer has looked for ways to minimize her carbon footprint. Because of the impact of automobiles on the environment, ride-sharing services have emerged as a popular way of combating climate change.

The ride-sharing consumer skews young, so automobile purchase rates have consequently dropped among millennials. As such, automakers hoping to appeal to recent and upcoming luxury consumers have invested in mobility services and electric vehicles with the hopes of attracting young consumers.

With the partnership, Moovit users will be able to rent a car when they need one in accordance with the "pick up anywhere, drop off anywhere" slogan. A map will show all the DriveNow vehicles in the area, which consumers can rent for as long as they wish, with billing by the minute.

Also included within the app are options of finding and renting bicycles, as well as tracking trains and buses.

Moovit operates in 800 cities and more than 60 countries, providing BMW with an enormous platform for expansion. At present, most automotive brands have localized mobility sharing available in a small number of cities. This partnership could help BMW get out in front and show that automakers can be major players in the mobility service market.

BMW was an investor in Moovit's most recent round of funding. The new relationship thus builds upon the existing sign of faith and helps position BMW as an environmentally-friendly option among other automakers.