TomTom reports automotive growth and expands traffic services
Issue Date: 2016-02-24

TomTom's annual results for FY2015 report Automotive bookings of over €300 million in 2015. Total revenue is forecast to grow to around €1,050 million for 2016.

TomTom's Chief Executive Officer, Harold Goddijn said: "we delivered top-line growth in 2015, for the first time in five years. The net result for 2015 was €18 million, which translates to adjusted earnings per share of €0.21.

Automotive broke the 2014 record of new bookings, Licensing delivered strong growth through existing and new customers and Telematics saw continued strong growth in installed base and recurring revenue.

We completed the move to our new map-making platform this year. This platform is the first of its kind in the industry and a leap forward in map-making technologies. We have integrated the NDS map format into our navigation software on device-based and server-based navigation applications and we continued to increase our market share in traffic, increasing our global coverage and enhancing our traffic services.

Our skills and expertise in location data and technologies give us confidence that TomTom is well positioned to capture on growing opportunities in the area of Autonomous Driving, Connected Car, Fleet Management services and Consumer Wearables."

TomTom Traffic

TomTom has also announced significant enhancements to its TomTom Traffic service – benefiting drivers using TomTom personal navigation devices (PNDs) and navigation apps, as well as customers who have licensing agreements with TomTom. The improvements are being revealed at the same time as TomTom announces a geo-expansion milestone for its traffic service. With the addition of Indonesia and Slovenia, TomTom Traffic is now available in 50 countries globally.

Major enhancements made to TomTom Traffic include Turn-Dependent Jam Information, Dynamic Speed Limit Messages, Weather Influenced Predictions and Road Condition Monitoring after Rain or Snow. The improvements will be rolled-out from April 2016.

Turn-Dependent Traffic Information

Congestion at some junctions may only affect drivers taking a certain turn (or travelling straight on). The new enhancement automatically detects the different 'turn dependent' traffic situations at junctions and enables the navigation system to only take into account jams specific to the driver's turn intention on their specific route.

Dynamic Speed Limit Messages

Agencies responsible for managing the road networks deploy roadside or overhead message signs in order to dynamically change the speed limit. This is done to reduce the speed of traffic during busy periods, so that drivers are moving more safely and in a more consistent flow. TomTom Traffic will automatically monitor highways with variable speed signs, and displays them to the driver.

Weather Influenced Predictions

Heavy rain or snowfall can have a significant impact on the speed of traffic. TomTom Traffic will use advanced weather information with other influencing factors, such as severity and tendency, of any existing jams, to further improve the accuracy of the expected lifetime of congestion, and future speeds on the road.

Road Condition Monitoring after Rain or Snow

Traffic conditions may continue to be affected by delays for some time after snow has stopped falling, if there is snow lying on the road. TomTom Traffic will monitor areas affected by weather-related delays, and continue to display relevant delay messages until the road returns to normal. This ensures that delays can be taken into account with regards best routing and ETA information.

Also announced today is the launch of TomTom's world-class traffic service in Indonesia and Slovenia. TomTom now provides accurate traffic information for highways, major roads and secondary roads in 50 countries. TomTom Traffic includes congestion forecasting, which indicates whether a jam is growing or dispersing, and estimates how long a delay will last.