Renault uses NNG iGO navigation in models with R-Link 2
Issue Date: 2016-02-18

Renault's latest flagship vehicles run on iGO Navigation. This isn't the first time Renault has equipped their models with iGO Navigation: NNG provided navigation solutions to the French car maker's low-cost Dacia brand in 2011. This project perhaps marked a milestone for automotive navigation. Navigation systems were previously regarded as a premium extra; however, the affordable yet still high quality navigation software provided by NNG became a hit and made navigation take-rates in car show rooms skyrocket.

The success was made possible by NNG's single engine technology, which can be easily tailored to OEM needs, lowers costs, and reduces development time (the foundation for the company's Navigation for All strategy). This is also a perfect example of how NNG is able to provide navigation for all vehicle segments in all regions around the world.

Next chapter with Renault

After such a successful start, NNG got the opportunity to provide solutions with more innovative and sophisticated features for higher vehicle categories, which led to the most recent milestone: the 3 newest members of the renewed Renault family – Espace, Kadjar, Talisman and the new Megane – come equipped with iGO Navigation powered solutions. These models feature the infotainment system R-Link 2, which is outfitted with NNG's navigation solution.

This is important for NNG for several reasons: besides being the company's first fully Android-based automotive project, the solution is able to cater with various sophisticated features to enhance driver security. An example is the OSP sensor (over speed prevention), which means that speed limit signs are recognized by the car, and the information is forwarded into the navigation software, so drivers are notified accordingly.

The software also gives drivers the opportunity to easily personalize the design of the Human Machine Interface (HMI) according to their personal preferences. Not only can they choose color schemes, but the software also offers a big and a small widget. This allows drivers to see the whole map and the vehicle's position (on the big widget), or just the turn-by-turn icons, the distance, and the estimated time to the final destination (on the small widget).