Laird buys Novero for Connected Car tech
Issue Date: 2016-02-03


Laird says it has completed the acquisition and taken ownership of Germany-based, Novero, following regulatory approval.

The acquisition places Laird as a global provider of end-to-end automotive connectivity services and further drives the company's growth within Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT) markets.

With over 250 million connected cars predicted to be on the road in the next five years, drivers, passengers, fleet managers, and regulatory agencies are demanding more connectivity from vehicles than ever before. This is driving automakers to view the connected car not as an option, but as a necessity.

These connected cars need a host of different connectivity options including Bluetooth for mobile devices, Wi-Fi and cellular for vehicle app updates or high definition navigation maps, and even a modified version of Wi-Fi called Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) which allows very high data transmission for safety features like collision avoidance and traffic alerts.

Keeping all of these signals connected and secure is a challenge for automakers, not to mention the time and energy spent dealing with different providers for each solution.

With the acquisition of Novero, Laird is able to unite these connectivity solutions under one global technology designer and manufacturer. Laird's vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure solutions ensure that cars and trucks are connected and able to receive traffic and safety alerts along with a 4G LTE signal. Novero's antenna coupling, near field, and in-car hot spot technologies help drivers and passengers process those alerts and utilize connected devices.

For automotive manufacturers, Laird can deliver this connectivity with increased speed to market while ensuring seamless integration of services including vehicle tracking for fleet management, driver behavior monitoring, eCall emergency services, insurance tracking, vehicle diagnostics, and vehicle remote control.

"The Connected Car is not simply about being able to stream music or entertainment in a vehicle. It's about improving driver safety, increasing vehicle efficiency, and enhancing the driving experience," explains Laird CEO, David Lockwood.

He adds that, "Laird plays an integral role in helping shape the Enterprise Internet of Things. This acquisition brings together complementary skills and outstanding technologies which increases our global market share in the automotive, transportation, and heavy equipment market while strengthening our relationships with all major automotive and heavy truck manufacturers."