Driverless Technologies Insurance ~ adapting insurance business models
Issue Date: 2016-02-03

The entire motor insurance industry is very aware that driver assistance technologies help reduce the number of accidents on the roads. Insurers increasingly ask what risks and opportunities are presented by current and future technologies.

Driverless Technologies Insurance 2016 is the result of extensive consultation with motor insurance experts from across the UK and Europe. This summit will take place in London on 17 March, 2016 and will give motor insurance carriers and technology manufactures the opportunity to:

· Hear insights into the plans of vehicle manufactures and app developers

· Determine where liability will sit during the transition period between today and full autonomy

· Clarify the new protocol on data ownership, so insurers can get the full benefit of communicative technology

· Ensure that legislation keeps pace with technological advances

· Know how an increased use of driver assistance technologies will impact claims and how this will feed through to pricing

· Understand the specific risks introduced by automated vehicle technologies and ensure compliance

· Know how motor insurers can evolve, create new product offering and remain relevant in a world of increasing automation

Interactive panels will enable attendees to discuss and identify the stages of technological development over the coming years and determine where liability lies during the transition period.

Presentations will reveal the effectiveness of a variety of driver assistance technologies, based on real world claims data.

As insurers strive to quantify the capabilities of new driver assistance technologies and their impact on road safety, Driverless Technologies Insurance 2016 will provide an invaluable forum. It will bring together the key real world information that is needed to inform insurance risk analysis, claims processes and pricing both today and in the future.