Powerful Sponsors Join in 2011 Telematics@China Summit Forum
Issue Date: 2011-11-01
The news that 2011 Telematics@China Summit Forum is to be held again in Shanghai on December 7 immediately provokes great response and support within the industry after it is released. SAE-China, the host of summit forum in 2 consecutive years, again, acts as the host for 2011 Telematics@China Summit Forum. China Unicom also expresses its great passion and works as a co-organizer of 2011 Telematics@China again following the forum held last year. In the meantime, there are more strong sponsors participating in this event: AutoNavi, which is listed in Nasdaq is the diamond sponsor of this forum; Continental AG, the biggest automobile parts supplier in Europe, acts as platinum sponsor; Vcyber.cn, the first automobile voice portal in China, becomes gold sponsor; GENIVI, the automobile and consumer electrical product industry alliance, becomes the name tag sponsor. The forum inherits the grand successes in last two years, and at the first time when the message of forum kickoff was issued, manufacturers of all kinds extend their cooperative willingness and the exhibit booths are sold out in one day. NNG LLC, DiBcom, AutoNavi, ArcherMind technology, China ARS website compete for the first batch of exhibitors. Intel, u-blox AG, WPG C&C, Mitgroup, Vcyber.cn, Yanfeng Visteon and Nuance actively behave to become the second batch of exhibitors, to show their elegant demeanors in high-profile in this forum. The sponsors and exhibitors almost cover the whole industry chain of Telematics including software chip manufacturer, TSP/SP manufacturer, map manufacturer, internet operator, telecom/cable TV operator as well as investigation and research institutes.