AutoNavi Announces Sponsorship of Telematics@China 2011
Issue Date: 2011-09-05

AutoNavi, a leading provider of digital map content and navigation & location-based solutions in China, announced on August 24 that it will sponsor the Telematics@China 2011 summit forum, marking the start of sponsorship of the world's largest Telematics event.
According to the latest financial report, AutoNavi revenues from the automotive navigation market have surpassed those of NavInfo by nearly 40%, leaving the other competitors farther behind.
In January 2009, AutoNavi was appointed the official provider of navigation digital map and application by 2010 World Expo. Throughout the Shanghai World Expo, AutoNavi provided navigation digital maps (2D, 3D, and aero photograph) and location-based services in rich forms, building an integrated intelligent transportation system for the Expo covering services of road navigation, realtime traffic, route planning, and real-time scheduling. That was the first time for such kind of cooperation in the World Expo's history. Consequently, AutoNavi made a historic leap in 2010 and became a leader in the automotive navigation industry by surpassing the second-place player by nearly 20%.
AutoNavi provides Telematics services or support directly or indirectly for over 90% of the embedded OEM Telematics users in China. Unlike the market peers, AutoNavi does not rush at turning into a TSP but tends to support TSP (Telematics service provider) services, including GM OnStar, Roewe inkaNet, 95190 Information Technology (the TSP of Toyota), SGM eMotion, GAC Trumpchi "Yuexing 100". The Shanghai Vehicle Connectivity & Telematics Alliance, which was initiated by 46 companies including SAIC and AutoNavi, was inaugurated on April 7, 2011, and the awarding ceremony for Shanghai vehicle connectivity & Telematics industry base was also held during the same period.
Although AutoNavi has made great achievements in Telematics, it can’t be denied that the Telematics industry in China is facing troubles and difficulties during the development. The industry had been expecting the model of charging consumers for services, but it turned out that Chinese car owners have low recognition of service payment. As a result, vehicle manufacturers had to limit investment in Telematics and become more cautious, which obstructed the Telematics development in China. Telecom operators, system integrators, software providers, call centers, service providers and content providers also announced the positioning as TSPs one after another. However, the similar services and the fierce market competitions have given rise to price wars. At this moment, a correct market direction is in strong demand.
Industry experts concluded that AutoNavi's competitive strengths are its unique compound capabilities in OEM & aftermarket navigation data & engine, cross-industry influence in auto and mobile Internet industries, business models of B2B+B2C, and overwhelming advantage on iOS and Android.
As the most professional Telematics event in China, Telematics@China has become more popular in the past four years. The event last year attracted over 700 delegates worldwide from vehicle manufacturers, telecom operators, auto electronics companies, in-vehicle device manufacturers, traffic providers, and software providers etc. Preparations are underway for Telematics@China 2011 which is to be held at the year end in Shanghai, and the event is believed to drive a new revolution for China Telematics industry.