Telematics Flourishing with Competitions
Issue Date: 2011-09-05
-- Telematics Industry Flagship Event to Be Launched in Shanghai Soon
August 15, 2011, Shanghai – Telematics@China, the booming international event focusing on the Telematics industry, will welcome its 2011 annual event on December 7-9, 2011 at Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre. Themed “AutoMobile - Innovative Opportunities for Consumer and Commercial Vehicles for both the OEM and Aftermarket Connectivity Solutions”, the event this year will provide a broad platform for Chinese vehicle OEMs, car dealers, and players in the OEM and aftermarket to have in-depth discussions about Telematics issues, exchange ideas and experience, and seek for new cooperation. Telematics@China 2011 is hosted by Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE-China) and has been intensively supported by the government departments.
As Telematics becomes one of the most popular vocabularies in China this year, a new trend of Telematics has quickly swept the whole country. Lots of events have accordingly emerged, with each held almost every few days, which further indicates the prospects of the emerging industry and inspires more players and resources to join. On the other side, the big gap between the expected return and the actual return has made more and more industry players gradually become rational.
Since the birth in 2008, Telematics@China has witnessed the breakthrough in OEM Telematics and has grown to be the largest Telematics professional event in the world and China. As China Telematics industry develops over the last three years, many problems and challenges have come out. Especially in 2011, the industry is facing obvious difficulties from three aspects: consumers are not willing to pay for services; vehicle OEMs remain cautious on investment; and more and more new comers without differentiations. Therefore, Telematics@China 2011 will talk about various problems facing the China Telematics industry and try to seek for settlement in new thoughts and creative models.
Mr. Xiaoyu Zhang, Executive Director-General of SAE-China and Chairman of Telematics@China, has emphasized time and again that more attention should be paid to Telematics opportunities for commercial and special vehicles. Accordingly, the event this year will focus the discussion on Telematics innovation for commercial and passenger vehicles on both the OEM and the aftermarket. China Telematics industry has walked to the important crossroads. About 1,000 industry elites from all sectors of the Telematics industry worldwide including 90 top speakers will join together at the event and have meaningful gatherings for almost three days.